Remodel Finished

I’m so so excited to share our new remodel pictures.  Dutchy turned out beautiful!!!!!!  I could picture her looking gorgeous from the day we brought her home. We painted the cabinets white and the walls a light grey.  We recovered the cushions with drop clothes and bought new flooring from Lowes.  We also repainted the hardware as well.  The blinds we made using the old mini blinds and turned them into roman shades.  I just absolutely love the airiness.  There is just so much space! It actually really resembles the inside of our house and we feel right at home inside our new camper.  We are just so excited to go glamping soon!!!! Hurry up and warm up all ready.  So with out further ado here is Dutchy
We collect a rock every time we go camping. We write where we were and when.  Now we have an adorable place to show them off.  


4 thoughts on “Remodel Finished

  1. Mike Branden says:

    Looks amazing. We have the same camper and would like to do the same paint job. Would you mind sending me an email or posting with what kind of paint and color paint you used?
    Thanks in advance.


  2. Maura Bergman says:

    We also have the same camper and love how you fixed it up. Could you also send info on the paint used? Thanks.


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