Remodel Finished

I’m so so excited to share our new remodel pictures.  Dutchy turned out beautiful!!!!!!  I could picture her looking gorgeous from the day we brought her home. We painted the cabinets white and the walls a light grey.  We recovered the cushions with drop clothes and bought new flooring from Lowes.  We also repainted the hardware as well.  The blinds we made using the old mini blinds and turned them into roman shades.  I just absolutely love the airiness.  There is just so much space! It actually really resembles the inside of our house and we feel right at home inside our new camper.  We are just so excited to go glamping soon!!!! Hurry up and warm up all ready.  So with out further ado here is Dutchy
We collect a rock every time we go camping. We write where we were and when.  Now we have an adorable place to show them off.  


Meet Dutchy our new to us hybrid!

We sold our beloved Bertha in July.  We decided we wanted to upgrade to a hybrid.  We really enjoyed camping so much with Bertha and she was a starting out point to decide if we even loved to camp.  We of course loved it so much and wanted something with a little more space and amenities.  Of course it didn’t take long to sell Bertha and we found our Dutchy in less than a week.  I only have our before pictures right now to post.  We did completely redo her as well.  After all we glamp not camp😉 I have a few finishing touches to finish on her but that will come spring time.  We bought Dutchy at a bargain price from a local dealer.  She had  some water damage to the front bunk and by the door.  Of course Chris is super handy so he got to work right away fixing her up and making her good as new😉 but more on that later.  For now here is the befores.  

Interstate Park, St Croix Falls

We went to Interstate Park camping on May 22nd for the weekend.  We enjoyed the state park so much!  Our site wasn’t the best campsite but we made do.  We had a bit of trouble with sleep because of our noisy party hard bachelor party across the street😂 Sleep lacking we hit the trails.  This place is gorgeous.  The “Pot hole trail” was our favorite.  The views were fantastic.  We will definitely be back soon!

Stoney Creek

Our first two times camping were at Stoney Creek.  We stayed April 29th-May 1st and May 6th-8th.  It was still a little on the chilly side but we stayed warm by the fire and snuggled in our nice warm beds.  We celebrated Mothers Day there and it was wondeful.  Stoney Creek is such a fun campground. They have so many activities and super nice facilities.  We even played in a scavenger hunt as a family and won some free passes for next time.  We definitely will go back again in the near future.   

FOR SALE                             We are selling Bertha😳

I think Chris and I are crazy!!!!! We have had so much fun these last couple of months camping and love it so much.  I’m hoping I can share some of those adventures this week.  We have listed our camper for sale! Our future plans are to upgrade to a hybrid camper.  Of course I am looking forward to completely redoing another camper.  We had so much fun with this one.  We would like a little more space.  I hope whoever buys our Bertha, they will love her as much as we do.   So let the adventure begin!


So after a few long days/nights we finally finished!!!!!  It feels so great to see everything come togther.  I just love how our fabric pulls everything togther.  We used a outdoor/upolstry fabric for the benches and drop clothes for the curtains.  I fell in love with the bunk end fabric and it was 80% off.  Thank goodness my husband can sew.  We just stapled the fabric for the benches.  He also rebuilt the tabletop.  We just loved Becca’s table that was featured on The Popup Princess    Now we can’t wait to go camping.  We still have work to do on the outside of the camper so that is our next project.  That’s it for now!



Starting the remodel

First thing we did for our remodel was go shopping of course! I love to shop but it was a bit overwhelming deciding on a color palate and what we wanted our camper to look like.  We decided to paint our cabinets white after looking at all the great camper renovations on  Pop Up Princess We really thought it would make the camper look brighter and bigger.

First we removed all of the T-trim and ordered all new white to match.  We purchased Behr paint that had a paint and primer all in one.  It took four coats of paint along with some touch up areas. We removed the drawers and doors to paint separately. We also painted the fridge with black chalkboard paint.


Our hardware for the cabinets were in great shape they were just ugly so we spray painted them with Rust-Oleum’s oil rubbed bronze paint.




After everything was painted we put down our new flooring.  We purchased a vinyl linoleum sticky back plank wood from Lowes.  I just love this flooring, it actually looks like real wood and it gives the camper some warmth to it.  For our countertops we decided to go with Rust-Oleum countertop paint in a light beige color.  We also used Behr’s decorative paint chips and Minwax polycrlic protective finish.  We got our countertop idea from Hollie.  Just make sure you have a nice day out when doing this because the fumes are very strong!!!



These are the pictures so far.  As you can see we also added 2 inch memory foam to the beds and anti fatigue mats under the mattress for a more comfortable bed.  After all we are more of glampers than campers.   We are awaiting our T-trim to arrive in the mail, finish our curtains, and reupholster our cushions.  That’s it for now.  Hope to finish it up real soon!


Our Camper Remodel

We have wanted a camper for many years now.  Something small we could pull with our small SUV and that would be fairly cheap.  As much as we would have loved a big brand new camper it was not in the budget.  Both Chris and I camped as children and loved it.  My best friend has a camper and we have been fortunate enough to squeeze into their camper with their family of five.  It was a bit cramped, well that’s a bit of an understatement, but we had so much fun that we really wanted to be able to have our own camper some day.

We started looking around and fell in love with our 2000 Coleman Niagara.  We named her Bertha.  We just knew she was the one from the first time we looked at her.  I guess you could say it was love at first sight!  Bertha is in pretty great shape for being 16 years old but she needs some little love and TLC.  We were so surprised how much room was inside.  Bertha has a slide out dinette and a potty/shower combo.  Her downfall is the very ugly dated decor.  I knew that this would not do and that we would have to spruce her up.  I got a lot of my ideas off of Pop Up Princess.  Larissa, from the Pop Up Princess has an amazing blog with so much information and so many wonderful renos.  I have spent hours on her site.  It’s definitely the place to go if you are buying a pop up camper or already own one and want to glamp it up.

So here is our Bertha before the renovation:


First Blog Entry

I am starting this blog to update others about our crazy life as a family.  I am hoping to update friends and family about my journey with Adult Onset Stills Disease. I’m also hoping to update about our many fun adventures as a family and all of our projects as they progressfamily.  Thanks for stopping by and it’s a work in process so stop by often! Love from the Boettchers!