Meet Dutchy our new to us hybrid!

We sold our beloved Bertha in July.  We decided we wanted to upgrade to a hybrid.  We really enjoyed camping so much with Bertha and she was a starting out point to decide if we even loved to camp.  We of course loved it so much and wanted something with a little more space and amenities.  Of course it didn’t take long to sell Bertha and we found our Dutchy in less than a week.  I only have our before pictures right now to post.  We did completely redo her as well.  After all we glamp not camp😉 I have a few finishing touches to finish on her but that will come spring time.  We bought Dutchy at a bargain price from a local dealer.  She had  some water damage to the front bunk and by the door.  Of course Chris is super handy so he got to work right away fixing her up and making her good as new😉 but more on that later.  For now here is the befores.  


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